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pH & TDS Explained

Few things in Hydroponics are as important as water. To get control of your water you’ll need an understanding of pH and TDS. This article will explain the tools and techniques used in testing, adjusting and controlling the levels of a nutrient solution.

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Urban Sunshine Q & A Session

We recently sat down for a question and answer session for a local radio interview. We covered a lot of useful information, so we wanted to post it here on our blog. Check it out and if you have any questions post them in our comments section.

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Adding Carbon Dioxide to Your Garden

Are you ready for that next big step in super-charging your garden? Well, if you are growing indoors or in a greenhouse, that next step for you may be supplementing additional Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Read through our blog article to learn all about the equipment and methods used to enrich your grow space with CO2.

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Grow Journal: China Choy Cabbage

China Choy is a close relative to Bok Choy but not quite as dense a head. It is a Stir-fry staple with thick, succulent stalks and dark-green leaves forms a loosely headed rosette. Watch as we grow large lush heads of this cabbage in under 7 weeks!

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Growing Sprouts Made Easy

Grow sprouts quickly and easily with our quart sized sprout jar. Sprouts are nutritious and tasty and couldn’t be simpler to grow! Get several ounces of grown sprouts from just one tablespoon of seeds in under a week.

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The Meaning of “Organic”

Organic is a big buzz word right now, but what does it mean to you? It may not be what you think. Read through our article and join the discussion. Urban Sunshine would love to hear your opinions.

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Lighting 101

Have you been looking to start an indoor garden, but find all the information and options for grow lights a little overwhelming? Read through our article “Lighting 101″ for a breakdown on all the basics.

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Grow Journal: Roma Paste Tomatoes

This variety of tomato is rich and meaty, long renowned for savory sauces and pastes. They grow in compact, determinate vines. We grew these under a 1000w Magnum XXL Digital Light System inside of an Ebb & Grow Hydroponic System.

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Grow Journal: Dinosuar Kale

Dinosaur or ‘Dino’ kale has deep blue-grey, super-savoyed long and narrow leaves. It is a extremely winter hardy variety but can grow well in the summer in an indoor garden.

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