"Now we have mangos
so sweet and juicy
you need a bib to
eat them!"
~ Karen from Brevard

Grow ThisFind out how to do
the same in your home garden.

Hydroponic gardening professionals at Urban Sunshine

Garden Professionals
With All The Answers

At Urban Sunshine, our garden professionals love hydroponic gardening. Growing jaw-dropping produce and plants. Biting into organic monster tomatoes, sweet basil, eye-watering peppers. Nothing beats fresh, right off your own vine.

plants and shovelSince the day we opened as Sunshine Hydroponics Garden Center in 1994, our staff of professional gardeners has been passionate about helping people grow their own garden by providing expert and quality hydroponic gardening supplies. Today as Urban Sunshine, even though we’ve changed a few things around here…our passion is the same: Give people better ways to grow.

Whether you choose to grow in soil, grow organically or the now popular hydroponic gardening method, where you can grow indoors or out, we have the expert advice and everything you need to get outstanding results. (No matter how much space you do or don’t have.) Learn how to get started with hydroponic gardening here.

We help you do it with the best fertilizers, pesticides, and hydroponic gardening supplies. But the one product that makes the biggest difference (and the one we couldn’t grow without) is our staff of professional gardeners with the expert you need. They’re all gardening pros. And each one is eager to share their expertise with you anytime.

Stop by one of our three Urban Sunshine locations in Central Florida or you can always check in with us right here and purchase hydroponic supplies online. Just ask our professional gardening staff. We're sure you'll' find a better way to grow!

Need help finding a pesticide?

What about the best fertilizer for your produce?

arrow You can ask us any garden related questions and get info from the pros.

New to hydroponics? Hoping to grow fresh basil,
plump tomatoes or hot peppers?

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