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so sweet and juicy
you need a bib to
eat them!"
~ Karen from Brevard

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Knowledge Base


Use our knowledge base to learn all the facts you'll need to get growing successfully!

We’ve tried this and tested that. At Urban Sunshine, we’re always happy to pass along the latest organic and hydroponic gardening tips and trends. Consider us your gardening encyclopedia. Whether you need information on how to garden, how to cope with bugs in your garden, or if you're just looking for the latest gardening trends, you've found the right place. If you cant find your answers here feel free to contact us, or if your on the site during store hours call us toll free 1-888-833-4769 or use our live chat feature. 


Plant Lighting FAQ

This section is a listing of the most commonly asked questions about horticultural lights. If you are thinking of growing plants indoors with little or no natural light this section is a must read. We cover both types of Horticultural HID lights,  High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide.  We also cover other lighting alternatives like T5 High Output Fluorescents.



Guide to Gardening Indoors

This section gives eight simple steps to growing your garden indoors. Avoid uncooperative weather, limit your exposure to bugs and create the optimal environment for your plants. Whether you want to use Ebb & Flow, Drip Irrigation, Aeroponics or even traditional Soil this guide is for you.



Plant Food Facts

Plant Food & Deficiencies

Ever notice the 3 little numbers on the front of your fertilizer? That the N-P-K, which stands for Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. Your plants need those macro nutrients but they also need a whole array of micro nutrients and trace elements. Check out the section to get all the facts.



Good Bugs, Bad bugs

Good Bugs, Bad Bugs

Check out this section for the best tips on taking care of pest infestation. Whether you are looking to control pests with organic pesticides or beneficial insects you'll find all the tricks here. 




Reference / Conversions

Does your plant food give directions in mililiters but all you have is a teaspoon? Check here for an assortment of conversions and quick reference terms. 





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