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Learn how organic and hydroponic gardening
can change the way you garden.

Grow fresh, fabulous plants and produce anywhere and anytime – indoors or out – regardless of temperature or growing season with a hydroponic garden. Hydroponic gardening is easy as long as you have the right system. At Urban Sunshine, we eliminate all of the guesswork. We help you pick out the right hydroponic garden system and teach you all the hydroponic gardening basics – from set up and plant food to harvesting amazing indoor plants.


Whether you want an indoor garden or an outdoor garden, hydroponic gardening can give you outstanding results using a lot less space. Hydroponic gardening also allows you to control every aspect of the growing cycle. Imagine having the power to influence how sweet your strawberries are, or how potent your herbs are. Become a pro by learning the hydroponic gardening basics.

Plant Food, Plant Nutrients available at Urban Sunshine


With in-ground gardening, plants seek out nutrients from the soil. With hydroponic gardening, the food is added to the water to make a nutrient solution. Your success depends largely on the quality of the nutrients you choose. Your plants’ nutrient needs change as they grow, and the plant food needs to change with them. Our pros at Urban Sunshine can show you exactly what you’ll need, and when to grow an indoor garden.

Aeroponics and Hydroponic Gardening


There are many ways to deliver the nutrient solution to the plants: from hand watering to aeroponics. With aeroponics, the plants’ roots hang down into the container and grow mostly in air. A pump inside the container sprays a very fine, highly oxygenated mist of nutrient solution onto the roots at precise times. So there is no need for a growing media such as soil or perlite.

Grow Media

Hydroponic gardening grow mediaExcept for the aeroponics technique, roots need to adhere. There are many different types of grow media for hydroponic gardening, such as:

  • rockwool
  • expanded clay pellets
  • perlite
  • perlite/ vermiculite mix

Contact us. We’ll show you which ones are best suited for your hydroponic gardening system.

Hydroponic strawberries grown with Urban Sunshine

Organic Hydroponics

Organic Hydroponics is the best of both worlds. You get all the benefits of hydroponic gardening, plus all the benefits of organic gardening. The pure, natural ingredients of our organic gardening fertilizers boost the nutritional value, health, and flavor of your strawberries or other produce without any unwanted chemicals. The results are simply delicious!

Watch out

One of the best things about hydroponics is how fast your plants will grow. When plants don’t have to grow their roots down into the soil to "mine" for food, they use that extra energy to grow fast above the ground (or in this case, your container).

However, the conditions need to be kept precise or things can go south just as fast. Contact our gardening experts at Urban Sunshine, and we’ll show you exactly what you need to do to keep conditions optimal at all times. All you have to do is show off and enjoy more amazing produce from your indoor garden!

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